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Strong impact of AI on this Position

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level of automation


Our comments:

While legal secretaries play a pivotal role in law firms, a substantial portion of their responsibilities, including tasks like drafting, formatting, and appointment scheduling, could potentially be automated by AI. This leads us to believe that substantial productivity improvements can be attained within this profession.

This section reviews the 3 main tasks associated with the job studied and assesses the potential level of automation induced by AI ('AI Automation Impact').
The modeling uses 8 criteria detailed on the 'Methodology' page.
Tasks AI Automation Impact
Draft and format legal documents High
Organize appointments and manage administrative follow-up of cases High
Assist legal professionals in their tasks High
Through our research, we have identified two pivotal categories of skills that will be impacted by AI-driven automation :
  • 'At-risk skills,' which are likely to become obsolete due to their susceptibility to automation
  • 'Future-proof skills', which are projected to retain their value and resist automation, thereby ensuring their relevance in the forthcoming job market.
Let's have a look at the future of your skills for this job :
At-risk Skills
Enter digital documents This skill may be at risk due to the evolution of automated typing and text processing technologies. More and more tools offer functions such as auto-fill, voice transcription, and automated correction.
Manage mail administration With the increasing digitization of documents and the growing use of electronic communication, traditional physical mail management might become less relevant
Future-proof Skills
Direct people according to their request Even though we live in the digital age, the ability to guide and advise clients or colleagues remains vital. This skill requires a deep understanding of individual needs, something technology can't easily replace.
Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Management Legal secretaries play a crucial role as the contact points between lawyers, clients, courts, and other stakeholders. They often need to explain legal processes, collect sensitive information, and maintain clear and open communication. This skill requires empathy, understanding, and the ability to navigate often stressful or emotionally charged situations. The human interaction and ability to understand and respond to emotional nuances and individual needs is something AI cannot replicate. Furthermore, distilling complex information into simple, understandable terms for clients requires a deep understanding of the matters at hand and excellent communication skills

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