Neobrain AI's industry-leading Talent Intelligence Platform empowers organizations to strategically map their workforce and make informed decisions with in-depth data insights. Our user-friendly software is designed for seamless integration, ensuring widespread adoption across your company. This paves the way for successful retention strategies, upskilling initiatives, and mobility plans.

Beyond our state-of-the-art technology and focus on employee engagement, we provide comprehensive support throughout your HR transformation journey. From efficient data collection to effective change management, Neobrain is committed to your success.

Our platform fosters all internal capabilities, making Neobrain the go-to solution for intuitive workforce planning in an ever-changing landscape. With Neobrain, you're not just adapting to change; you're staying ahead of competitors.

Introducing Skills intelligence

From scouting the right people for your organization to anticipating jobs of the future, Skills intelligence solutions are transforming workforce management by uncovering actionable intelligence in employee data.

Neobrain’s ecosystem delivers:

  • Workforce Understanding: Using AI for deep learning about employee skills from various sources.
  • Talent Growth: Personalized growth plans for employees, understanding their strengths and motivations.
  • Expansion of Opportunities: Growing diverse and inclusive talent pools, utilizing global data for a broader view of skills and internal candidates, focusing on skills-based readiness rather than conventional criteria
  • Closing Skills Gaps: AI-driven analysis identifies and intelligently addresses skill deficiencies within the workforce.

Understanding talent at the skill level is crucial for competitiveness and future planning. A skills-based organization leads to more effective team management, motivation, and skill development. Skills intelligence aligns talent strategy with business goals, foreseeing and addressing future skill requirements.

Hybrid Skills Data Approach

Taking the best out of 2 models

Prescriptive-only approach

In this “top/down” approach, the company lists out
all the skills they think are appropriate for each job

  • Generic suggestions: far from employees’ reality
  • HR resource challenge: huge time investment
  • Maintenance risk: quickly obsolete

Taking the best out of 2 models

Declarative-only approach

In this “bottom/up” approach, the employees are
encouraged to list all the skills they think are
relevant to their jobs

  • Low adoption: not a top focus for employees
  • Far from reality: key current skills are left out
  • Not future-proof: no visibility on emerging skills

Taking the best out of 2 models

Neobrain skills intelligence hybrid approach

Hybrid approach

HR uses Neobrain to align their skills-based
approach and strategic needs. They own the
company’s core skills while engaging employees
and sourcing collective knowledge.

  • High adoption rate: 80% employees complete their profile, 95+% with a campaign
  • Data quality: skills are measured in 3 dimensions: volume, proficiency and motivation
  • Time & money savings: opportunities are available as soon as employees complete their profile

Embedded HR environments

On average, employees now use 11 different tools in a single day, compared to just 6 four years ago.

This growing complexity in our digital workspaces highlights the critical need for HR solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing ecosystems.

Choosing tools like Neobrain, renowned for its ease of integration, ensures a streamlined experience, reducing friction and enhancing productivity in your talent and skills management processes. We've partnered with numerous HR Information Systems to seamlessly integrate all your existing data, transforming it into the talent intelligence you need every day.

AI-Powered Employee Motivation Engine

By placing employee motivations at the core of our platform, we offer organizations a unique advantage. Not only does our approach rationalize upskilling and mobility plans, ensuring people are in the right place at the right time, but it also transforms the entire workplace atmosphere.

Our platform leads to enhanced employee engagement, significantly reducing turnover rates and fostering a positive, innovation-driven corporate culture. By aligning personalized career development to individual motivations, we help cultivate a workforce that is not only skilled but also deeply committed and satisfied. This approach results in a profound ripple effect — it enhances team dynamics, sparks innovative thinking, and ultimately leads to an improved customer experience.

Customer stories

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Stéphane DUBOIS Executive VP, Head of Human and Social Responsibilities. Safran Group

“The huge advantage of Neobrain is that it is extremely inclusive: every Safran employee has access to their own development, whatever their country. “

Neobrain's Talent Marketplace instantly creates value for our business units

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Benoit Courtin HR Director Bosch

Neobrain has enabled us to provide effective support to our employees within a context of industrial transition that is often difficult to manage.

This way, each employee can easily identify and develop his or her skills

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