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Significant Impact of AI on the Job


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Our comments:

The role of a Treasurer is evolving with the advent of digital banking solutions, open APIs, and integrated financial management tools which are automating routine tasks such as data collection and compilation.

Additionally, advanced Business Intelligence and financial analysis systems are enhancing the efficiency of report generation and variance alerting, minimizing manual intervention in these areas. However, despite these advancements, the human expertise in strategic activities like negotiating, structuring, and finalizing financing remains indispensable.

Furthermore, while algorithms can aid in initial investment suggestions, the final decision-making rests on a human’s understanding of market conditions, associated risks, and the long-term needs of the business.

The Treasurer’s ability to foster relationships and exercise human judgment in strategic financial decisions highlights a balance of automation and human expertise as pivotal for the effective functioning of this role amidst technological advancement

This section reviews the 3 main tasks associated with the job studied and assesses the potential level of automation induced by AI ('AI Automation Impact').
The modeling uses 8 criteria detailed on the 'Methodology' page.
Tasks AI Automation Impact
Manage the company's daily cash flow, ensuring a balance between inflows and outflows. High
Prepare short- and medium-term financial forecasts. High
Implement hedging strategies for financial risks (exchange rates, interest rates). Low
Through our research, we have identified two pivotal categories of skills that will be impacted by AI-driven automation :
  • 'At-risk skills,' which are likely to become obsolete due to their susceptibility to automation
  • 'Future-proof skills', which are projected to retain their value and resist automation, thereby ensuring their relevance in the forthcoming job market.
Let's have a look at the future of your skills for this job :
At-risk Skills
Daily Cash Flow Collection With the rise of digital banking solutions, open APIs, and integrated financial management tools, this task is becoming increasingly automated, reducing the need for human intervention in data collection and compilation.
Creating Reports and Monitoring Variances Advanced Business Intelligence and financial analysis systems are increasingly capable of generating automated reports and alerting users to variances. This can minimize the need for manual intervention in this task.
Future-proof Skills
Developing Investment Financing Even though automated tools can assist in assessing the viability or profitability of an investment, the ability to negotiate, structure, and finalize financing requires in-depth understanding, relationships, and human expertise. This is a strategic activity heavily dependent on human interaction.
Investing Excess Cash While some tools may suggest investments based on algorithms, the final decision-making requires human evaluation. Understanding market conditions, associated risks, and the long-term needs of the business necessitates human expertise.

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