Medical Laboratory Technician


Significant Impact of AI on the Job


level of automation


Our comments:

Automated equipment can manage many activities for this job: tasks such as sampling, sample preparation or even analyses.

However, the medical laboratory technical needs for instance to monitor hygiene standards, which accounts for a human presence and intervention.

This section reviews the 3 main tasks associated with the job studied and assesses the potential level of automation induced by AI ('AI Automation Impact').
The modeling uses 8 criteria detailed on the 'Methodology' page.
Tasks AI Automation Impact
Collect, prepare, and analyze biological samples to detect diseases or abnormalities High
Use and maintain laboratory equipment Moderate
Ensure compliance with laboratory hygiene and safety standards Low
Through our research, we have identified two pivotal categories of skills that will be impacted by AI-driven automation :
  • 'At-risk skills,' which are likely to become obsolete due to their susceptibility to automation
  • 'Future-proof skills', which are projected to retain their value and resist automation, thereby ensuring their relevance in the forthcoming job market.
Let's have a look at the future of your skills for this job :
At-risk Skills
Monitor equipment, material and consumable needs With the advent of integrated laboratory management systems, the necessity for manual tracking of needs could be reduced, as many systems can now automatically order consumables when stocks are low.
Check the conformity of laboratory equipment As laboratory equipment becomes more sophisticated and automated, technicians may have less direct responsibility in first-level maintenance, as these equipment might have integrated systems for self-diagnosis and preventive maintenance.
Future-proof Skills
Good Laboratory Practices -GLP- GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) are essential for ensuring the reliability, accuracy, and integrity of work carried out in laboratories. Compliance with GLP is a regulatory requirement and will therefore remain essential for any medical laboratory technician.
Perform measurements and analyses, identify non-conformities and make technical adjustments Despite technological advancements, the human ability to understand, interpret, and act on complex measurements and analyses remains indispensable. Technical expertise and human experience cannot be easily replaced by machines, especially in situations where discernment is needed.

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