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Moderate but identified automation impact of AI for this Job

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level of automation


Our comments:

The Product Owner, a pivotal figure within agile teams, may potentially benefit from certain AI contributions, particularly in the area of feature prioritization.

However, their role, which is primarily rooted in communication, collaboration, and stakeholder alignment, constrains the direct impact of automation. Given that human interaction forms the core of their responsibilities, any gains in productivity through AI are likely to be marginal.

This section reviews the 3 main tasks associated with the job studied and assesses the potential level of automation induced by AI ('AI Automation Impact').
The modeling uses 8 criteria detailed on the 'Methodology' page.
Tasks AI Automation Impact
Define and prioritize product features in collaboration with stakeholders Low
Work closely with the development team to ensure feature realization Moderate
Serve as a liaison between technical teams and stakeholders to align expectations and deliverables Moderate
Through our research, we have identified two pivotal categories of skills that will be impacted by AI-driven automation :
  • 'At-risk skills,' which are likely to become obsolete due to their susceptibility to automation
  • 'Future-proof skills', which are projected to retain their value and resist automation, thereby ensuring their relevance in the forthcoming job market.
Let's have a look at the future of your skills for this job :
At-risk Skills
Draft a specification With the increasing adoption of agile methodologies, the traditional need for detailed specifications has decreased. Instead, "user stories," epics, and other agile elements are used to define requirements.
Procedures for creating a test plan (steps, scenarios...) Automation of testing and Test-Driven Development (TDD) might change the way tests are designed and executed.
Future-proof Skills
Identify the sponsor's needs The ability to effectively interact with stakeholders and understand their needs is fundamental to the Product Owner role. This relational and listening skill is hard to automate.
Steer a project Directing and managing a project requires leadership, communication, and decision-making skills that are vital for a project's success and are not easily automatable.

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