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Moderate but identified impact of AI on this Job


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Our comments:

AI is changing the HR landscape, facilitating significantly tasks like analyzing metrics, matching talent with internal opportunities or personalizing training tracks. Intuitive tools act as helpful co-pilots, managing routine tasks while allowing HR Business Partners to focus on the human-centric aspects of their role.

Indeed, important tasks like supporting managerial transitions and sharing a strategic vision of HR activities require the personal touch and understanding that AI cannot provide. Thus, while AI introduces convenience and efficiency, the human element in HR remains crucial, safeguarding its core functions from full automation : the need for personalized deployment of HR projects require contextual understanding and deep human relationships, limiting the automation of the position.

This section reviews the 3 main tasks associated with the job studied and assesses the potential level of automation induced by AI ('AI Automation Impact').
The modeling uses 8 criteria detailed on the 'Methodology' page.
Tasks AI Automation Impact
Work closely with managers to advise them on all HR issues within their scope. Low
Steer and deploy HR projects (recruitment, training, assessment, etc.) for the groups under their responsibility. Significant
Analyze HR indicators and propose corrective actions. Significant
Through our research, we have identified two pivotal categories of skills that will be impacted by AI-driven automation :
  • 'At-risk skills,' which are likely to become obsolete due to their susceptibility to automation
  • 'Future-proof skills', which are projected to retain their value and resist automation, thereby ensuring their relevance in the forthcoming job market.
Let's have a look at the future of your skills for this job :
At-risk Skills
Designing frameworks (skills, Training) Automation and the use of AI already allow for the analysis and updating of job and skills frameworks based on market developments.
Designing annual review templates Software can now automatically generate suitable interview templates, reducing the need for manual design. They even detect weak signals of behavior in the semantics used by employees.
Future-proof Skills
Supporting managerial transformation Managerial transformation requires in-depth human understanding and tailored communication to support the adoption of new behaviors.
Providing a cross-functional perspective to HR activities A holistic view called "systemic HR" of HR activities demands intuition and experience, enabling you to see how each action integrates and impacts the whole, a skill that remains essential and deeply human.

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